When will my order ship?

All orders for items which are engraved have a 3 business day processing time.  This time may increase during peak periods such as Christmas and we will make every effort to notify you of any increased production times.


Who do you ship your items with?

All orders will normally ship by USPS. It is the fastest (really!) and cheapest shipping option for all of our items. If however we find that FedEx or UPS is cheaper or faster we may utilize those methods at our discretion. If you have special shipping needs such as not being able to accept a certain carrier, please contact us before placing your order!

How long does shipping normally take?

USPS Priority Mail takes normally 2-3 business days

USPS First Class Mail is anywhere from 2-5 business days

Can you ship by UPS or FedEx?

Yes! If you have special shipping needs, please contact us before ordering!

Where are you located?

We are located in Muskego, WI about 30 minutes west of our hometown, Milwaukee, WI

I see a pickup option during checkout, can I pick my items up?

Absolutely! Please contact us before ordering to arrange your pickup!