Q: Your engraved boards and other items are REALLY REALLY cheap compared to what I have seen elsewhere, how is this possible? Are they JUNK?!
A: The question you should be asking is "Why are the other people so EXPENSIVE?!". Really. Bamboo is inexpensive and when purchased in bulk as we do, is quite affordable. Some of the boards we sell we see others selling for $50+, there is no real good reason for this.
We hold each and every one of our boards to the highest standards and if a board does not meet those standards is recycled, it will never make it to the customer. We can assure you that our boards are all made of the very best quality bamboo with the same excellent craftsmanship of the top manufacturers out there, even coming from the exact same factories!
Q: I want to buy more than 1 item, can I get a deal?
A: Sometimes. Contact us so we can check for you based on what your ordering. Our prices are already the lowest around so we do not have too much wiggle room. However if you are buying a number of items that are all engraved the same we can certainly work out a small discount for you. If you are buying boards that are not identical, we may be able to offer a small discount though not much as each board requires a new machine setup. Contact us and ask!
Q: Will my board look exactly like the pictures?
A: No! Bamboo is a naturally occurring product and each board made of it will have it's own unique characteristics. No two boards will ever be exactly the same!
Q: How might my board differ?
A: The board you receive may have slightly darker or lighter coloration in the bamboo, slightly lighter or darker engraving marks and may have more or less "nodes" (or knots you may call them) than shown in our pictures. We cannot guarantee the board you order will have any specific characteristics.
Q: Can I engrave BOTH sides of the cutting board?
A: Yes! You certainly can have both sides engraved if you would like. However we normally recommend AGAINST doing this (unless it is a small engraving) as using an engraved side for cutting will be very hard to keep clean. If you would like to do this, please contact us for a quote!
Q: What if you make a mistake in the engraving?
A: We will issue you a 100% full and complete refund. No need to send it back. Or of course, we can re-do it for you as well, free of charge. Each board goes through THREE quality checks before being shipped out so the chances of receiving an incorrect engraving are EXTREMELY small.


Q: I live in Milwaukee, can I pick my order up?
A: In some cases, yes. If you would like to do this, please contact us before placing your order so we can make arrangements for you and ensure this will be feasible. info@brewcityengraving.com or 414-847-9629


Q: I need a faster delivery option that is not listed for my location, can you do that?

A: Yes, if you need a faster delivery but it is not currently showing for your location, please contact us and we make the proper arrangements. There will be an additional cost for the faster service, but that is all. We are working to get all shipping options added including express options and these will be available to all locations soon. This takes time as we want to ensure we are not overcharging you for that cost and also not losing money on them ourselves. We hope to have all express options added for all locations in the very near future.


Q: I live close to you but not close enough to pick it up, does that mean I will get my items faster?

A: Definitely. If you live within our neighboring state area, you will likely receive your parcel MUCH faster than the stated time at checkout. If you live within south eastern Wisconsin or northern Illinois, you MAY even get it next day in some instances! Please contact us to verify true shipping time if your delivery is urgent.



Q: Can I return my item if I do not like it?
A: For most items, no. If the item you ordered is a stock item with no personalization, then we can normally accept a return within 30 days of purchase. Most of our items, however, are personalized, for these such items we cannot accept returns. The only exceptions to this would be if we make a mistake, the item is damaged in transit OR by some odd chance you get a defective item.